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Qatar University Education Resources

(compiled November 2009)


Flip the Classroom: Khan Academy (Glogster)

Exeter Tutorials

That Quiz


Omar bin Khitab Preparatory Maths: Mr. Anwar Hijazi

Voice Thread http://voicethread.com/

Many Interactive Possibilities


Great for student generated photos and amateur videos.

Omar bin Khitab Prepatory Science: Examples of Lessons with Animation


http://www.goofram.com/When math and science teachers returned from their semester break - I was ready with a Wolfram Alpha training. This was March 2010!I convinced tech support that our computers needed two search engines -Google AND Wolfram Alpha. NOW these 2 powerful sites have combinedand Goofram now displays both options on the same page. Give it a try!

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a good way to check for correct usage of a graphing calculator
´╗┐Daily Warm-up Exercises (Sponge Activities) for Classes* Primary: http://www.celestecraig.us/morning%20message.html
Technology Nights for Families
Did you know that there are over ONE MILLION educational wikispaces like this assisting students and teachers, supporting teaching and learning!! And they are free!!

Here are examples of ICT Education Resources wikis:

I got all my resources together and planned my site. Then it was very simple, a few mouse clicks to upload the materials and then a few more to embed the videos on the page. Finished

In fact the word 'wiki' means quick in Hawaiian language. 'Wiki wiki' means really quick!

This is where I hope to share fun and useful resources for education. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoy the site. You might like to start up your own wiki!

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