****Designing Effective Project Based Learning Projects**** **:**

Project-Based Units to Engage Students ****http://www97.intel.com/en/ProjectDesign/Design/CurriculumQuestions/****

Questions for Learning

Explore strategies for developing open-ended questions and implementing them in the classroom.

****Using Questions to Promote Learning****
****Developing Good Questions****
****Effective Questioning Practices****


Web Resources
The Virtual Schoolhouse

The Virtual Schoolhouse highlights project-based learning practices from across the country. The Web site focuses on both the principles behind project-based learning and the instructional strategies that accompany it, as well as the work of teachers and students who are making project-based learning happen in the classroom. The site provides a look into excellent work with tools and advice to help make project-based learning part of everyday teaching practice.

Project Based Learning PowerPoint

Project Based Learning: Math Perspective

Project Based Learning Part 1

Project Based Learning Part 2

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