​Mind Maps

  • Mind Maps are great online tools to help you organize ideas, and they are FREE!!!
  • Best of all, you can work as a team.
  • Here are two Mind Maps that your teacher created, took no time at all.
  • For both mind maps them the driving question was: Where will we go for our summer vacation?
  • The driving question is placed in the centre of the mind map.
  • The top mind map was created using bubbl.us
  • For a sample of an embedded mind map, go to the Mind Map bubbl.us page
  • The second mind map was created using Mind-Meister
  • If you know of other online mind mapping software, tell your teacher and they will be added to the list

Useful Links

To visit the sites, click on the links below
To download the Mind Meister map, click on the link below

  • || Mind Meister ||
  • || mind_map_01.jpg ||
  • || bubbl.us ||
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