Dubai Metro

Recently, the emirate of Dubai opened a people mover system or transit system called the Dubai Metro

Fast Facts about the Dubai Metro

  • Opening date was 09/09/09 at 9:09 AM (9th of September, 2009 at exactly 9:09 AM)
  • Most modern metro system in the world
  • Completely driverless, no drivers at all, completely automatic
  • Carries 57,000 passengers EVERY DAY
  • Is open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Saturday to Thursday and 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Friday
  • Cost of cheapest all day pass is 14 UAE dirhams (About 14 Qatar Riyals)
  • Over 23 km in tracks currently in use
  • Runs underground in the City Centre
  • Eventually will have over 100 km of tracks


Here are some YouTube videos about the Dubai Metro

sped up version of the journey at 474 km/hour!!
Doesn't really go that fast! Thank goodness!

Dubai Metro Route Map

Useful Links

Dubai Metro
The official website of the Dubai Metro, published by the government of Dubai with details of ticket prices and all of the latest news
about the Dubai metro
Railway Projects
A website which contains information and photos of railway projects around the world, including Dubai and Saudi Arabia
Another good informational website about the Dubai Metro.

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