Metro in Doha

Planning for a people mover of Doha Metro is already well advanced. Contracts have been signed and construction will begin, soon.

Fast Facts

  • In a few short years, rail tracks will criss-cross all over Qatar.
  • Trains traveling at 200 km per hour will transport passengers and freight to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as well as inside Qatar.
  • There will be ninety-eight stations.
  • There will be hundreds of kilometres of track.
  • Construction of the Doha Metro forms part of the Qatar 2022 bid to host the FIFA World Cup.


  • Below is a map of Qatar, where should the stations be placed? Discuss with your friends.
  • Who will use the Doha Metro?
  • How much will tickets cost?
  • Will the residents of Qatar be happy riding on trains which have NO drivers?

Map of Doha

  • Here is a map of Doha from Google Maps.
  • Obtain a map from Google Maps or a tourist map and mark on the map where you think the Metro Stations should be.

    The End