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Best embeds: from

Bookr form PimPamPum – Pulls in photos from FlickR, but allows students to create digital books online. It’s an easy and amazing digital storytelling tool. To find the embed code click Blog This. – With this tool you can create a brainstorming mind map and embed it on your wiki. To keep from having students needing accounts to login, this would be a perfect tool to have one teacher account and use the interactive white board to create as a whole class then embed on the class wiki. The embed code is located under the Menu button in the bottom right corner.

Glogster is quickly becoming one of my favorite Web 2.0 tools, and now that there is an educational side, I’m really excited. With Glogster teachers or students can create interactive posters or digital scrapbook pages that provide links out to other sites. It’s a great visual to kick off a unit or wiki. For an example, check out Lit Circles, a site I created with links to support several novels. The embed code is provided when you save the glogster

Wordle – The use of Wordle has become very popular in the past year and with the ability to easily embed them, why not use them on your class webpage? The embed code is found directly beneath the generated Wordle.

Slide Shows - iSpring Free PowerPoint to Flash converter promptly creates web-friendly Flash (.SWF) presentations from your PowerPoint content (.PPT, .PPS, .PPTX, .PPSX) keeping its visual parameters, animation effects and slide transitions, audio narrations, video and Flash objects after conversion.

BubbleShare – is another slideshow creator except this tool uses fun frames like television sets or a theater stage. The embed code is listed above the slideshow.

Photopeach – This is a fun slideshow creator that comes with audio and the easy ability to add text over your images. The embed code is found underneath the slideshow.


Mixbook - It allows you to create online digital scrapbooks to share with parents. This can be used for digital storytelling projects, as well, but students will need a login verified by an email. The embed code is found under share.

Polls – Interested in polling students as a discussion starter? Poll Vault is an easy tool to use. Simply create a poll and click share to find the embed code. Poll Everywhere is another tool where students can either vote online or SMS text their responses in. The embed code is on the right under Publish.

PowerPoints – There are several tools that will allow you to convert your PowerPoints into the embeddable slideshows. Google Docs, Slideshare, MyPlick, and Slideshow will allow you to upload your PowerPoint and provide you an embed code to put on your website.

Review Game – MyStudiyo allows you to create review quizzes and embed them on your site. The code is found when you click spread the word.

Visitor Map – Curious to know who is visiting your class blog? Consider using Whos.Amung.Us. You would need to add this as a widget on a blog or simply add to the HTML of a wiki.

Webpage Links – Wallwisher is a virtual bulletin board to cover with virtual post-its, but I really like to use this as a way to share websites with students or parents. It can also be used collaboratively so parents could leave encouraging notes to students. The embed code is located under Do More.

Word Documents – Scribd, Issuu, Calemeo allow you to upload your Word (including 2007 documents) and PDF documents while providing you an embed code. Now parents and students can view handouts and such withou having to have Microsoft Office on their home computers, plus Calemeo will allow you will to create digital books

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