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The only one I have found so far is:
It has a free trial version - then the teacher who developed it should be paid.

Graphing Calculators

Here are some really useful videos from, YouTube, Mathbits, Hotmath, and Texas Instruments that will help you master the TI 83+/84+ graphing calculators.

If you find another video which is good to use, please let me know!

Christy Busch
Excellent Beginner Tutorial Video (33 minutes long – first 5 minutes can be skipped) and Worksheet
How to REALLY use your TI-84 Graphing Calculator....

Training Videos by Subject (1-8 minutes long)
Stat Function: Plotting Points on the Graphing Calculator

TI Video: Displaying the Graph of a Function

Line of Best Fit: How to Calculate Linear Regression TI Graphing Calculator

TI-83 / TI-84 Lesson 3: Graphing

****Basic Probability****

****Random Numbers****

QUICK TUTORIALS Intersections (11F.5.13, 11F.5.14, 11A.5.5, 12F.5.1) Trace Function (11A.5.11, 12F.5.1) Logarithmic Function (11A.5.18, 12F.5.8) TI-83+/84+ Movie Index
Great Resources for Graphing Calculator Reference Sheets and guides: Statistics, Algebra, etc.
**** offers a fun and engaging approach to Algebra I and Algebra II with weekly e-mail activities from Texas Instruments. These free weekly activities incorporate the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus families of graphing calculators.

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Free! Practice Exercises from
Try these practice problems for your graphing calculator. Teachers may assign these for use in computer labs or as homework.

**Click here** to visit the TI Activity Exchange, a free, collaborative forum where educators can share favourite activities using TI technology.

Calculator Course with great "How-to" videos:

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