Step #1 Open YouTube at and CLICK on

Create Account.


Step #1: Click on your USERNAME and then click on Favorites.


Step #2 Follow the directions as follows:

Get started with your account

Step #2: Click on Favorites under your account user name in the right corner of YouTube page

  • Click on Playlists in left column.
  • Make a Playlist title.
  • Search for good videos.
  • Click on ADD.
Once you finish,

your USERNAME will appear in the top right of your YouTube pages.

Step #3: To embed a playlist, follow the steps below: Go to the Playllsts section of your account (click on Favorites)

  1. Select the playlist you'd like to embed.
  2. Click on Share.
  3. Copy the embed code from the box.
  4. Paste the code into your website or blog.

Finding great content

Basic tips for searching and browsing YouTube

Where can I discover the best videos on YouTube?

There are several places you can find great videos on YouTube:
  • Discover what's trending on YouTube yourself by browsing (narrow by date or category)
  • Check out what's topping the YouTube Charts at
  • Read the YouTube Blog for news about the site, follow us on Twitter, and become a fan on Facebook
  • Track the latest trending videos and hot topics on YouTube Trends:

What's the best way to find videos on a specific topic?

Enter your search term(s) into the search box at the top of any page on YouTube. On the results page, click on the
"Search Options" link to further filter your search results:

YouTube Account Playlist:

  1. Guide to Set up your YouTube Account
  2. How to Upload a Video (Newest)
  3. How to Upload a Video to YouTube
  4. Embedding YouTube Videos

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