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70 videos completed and counting...

Texas A&M University Math 150-151 with
Raelene Dufresne graphing demonstrations
Newest (April 2011)

Omar bin Khitab Preparatory Math:
Tablet PC lessons, Promethean Board, Visualizer,
CIMT & BBC tutorial labs, Virtual Manipulatives lessons,
Animation lessons
Teachers: Khalid Meqdad, Abdul Hameed, Ghassan Jaradat,
Mohammed Al Fateh, Muad and Anwar Hijazi

Wakra Secondary School for Girls
Dalia Mohammed's model science lesson about Mitochondria

Animoto Video Playlist of Tutorials

  1. 60 Seconds How to Use Animoto
  2. Animoto for Educators
  3. How to create videos with Animoto for Educators



Screen_shot_2011-04-23_at_3.11.22_PM.png Screencast from Robert Freudenreich on Vimeo.